Get open and vulnerable in your work

It’s so interesting to work one on one with actors and help them discover or evolve their own process. I was working with a private client on set recently and rather than blocking it all out, the crew, the equipment all the artifice that comes with movie making, he’s been using it all. This particular actor is very open and expressive anyway and he needed to be raw and emotional in a scene so just before action he was talking to the crew in a very open way about his own emotional pain in his life and on action he went right into the scene and was in a very raw and emotional place. Now I’m not advocating this for everyone. For some actors speaking that openly with the crew might make them feel up tight and closed off. But finding a way to embrace all the chaos of a set and use it in a way that is helpful for you is a vital part of the process. If you are off on your own blasting your headphones right before action to get yourself in the right emotional place for a scene it’s then challenging to totally shift gears and be open and vulnerable with your scene partner. Marlon Brando famously would chat up the camera operator right before action and then turn to his scene partner and take that same relaxation into the work. Living on and off screen. Blurring the lines between actor and character.