Just wanting to work is not enough!

I hear from so many actors, “I just want to work”, “I’ll take whatever I can get”. And believe me I get it. But this settling for crumbs mentality is not going to bring in the kind of satisfying inspiring career opportunities that you’re longing for. Of course there are times in a career when you need to gain experience. If you’ve never been on film, for example, or feel uncomfortable acting in front of the camera then, by all means, take that experimental AFI short film or that web series that’s premiering on a soon to be launched digital platform. But also don’t be afraid to dream big! If you want to be the lead in a P.T. Anderson movie then don’t be afraid to shout it from the rooftops. And immerse yourself in P.T.’s work. Watch behind the scenes documentaries, learn how he likes to work. Find out who his casting director is. Discover the new indie filmmakers who are inspired by P.T. Anderson. Follow them on social media. You’d be amazed at how responsive indie filmmakers can be when you reach out and tell them specifically what you love about their work, take it from one who knows and responds to each and every email and comment.

Being specific about what you want is so important not only in this business but in life in general. If film and TV is why you are here then maybe taking that out of town play, even though it’s a good regional theater and a pay check, may not be the right decision at this moment. Obviously only you know what’s right for you but saying “no” can be a really empowering thing. Follow your bliss. Know what you love and are passionate about and steep yourself in it.