CREATE YOUR OWN WORK! A One Day Seminar Saturday Nov 9th

So many of you have been asking me about creating your own work; pitching ideas, sending me scripts, sketches, web series episodes. I’ve decided to put it all in a one day event, Saturday November 9th.

This is a seminar for actors and writers who want to, or have already created their own work. We will talk about idea to concept to script to financing to production, post production, marketing and distribution. What should you make? A short film? A web series? A feature? This will be a small group setting with a Q&A at the end to flesh out ideas and give you practical next steps towards making your own work. There will be people at all levels of the process so whether you have a script already or just an idea or if you have shot something and don’t know what to do with it, this seminar is for you.

This is what I’ve done throughout my career. I’ve made two award winning, critically acclaimed feature films (Fairhaven, Manhattan Romance) as well as an award winning critically acclaimed online series (OM City) with my wife and partner, Jessie Barr. All three of these projects started as an idea kicking around and finding collaborators and supporters was a huge part of all three of them becoming a reality. So, talk about your ideas, share, get involved with other people making things. Volunteer to help out on their sets, get inspired by each other. In this day and age of the internet it’s even more important to do things in community and get your hands in the clay!

Create Your Own Work copy.png