Chris Messina (Sharp Objects, Mindy Project): “I’ve worked with Tom in both theater and film, acted alongside him and been directed by him, as well as sat in on his classes and co - taught with him.  Most recently I brought him on as my private coach for the HBO series, Sharp Objects, that I’m currently filming. Tom’s coaching is invaluable to me on set. His work in his classes is inspiring and educational every time I sit in. As a director Tom has an intuitive subtle touch. He knows just when to push an actor and when to give an actor space. When I work with Tom I’m always reminded that the actor is enough”.

Cameron Pow (The Lion King- Broadway): " Tom's classes are the perfect place for working actors to stay sharp in between gigs. His notes are laser sharp and practical. It's really about the work. You get on your feet each week wherever you're at in your rehearsal process and Tom works with you from where you are. He's always direct and firm but has a love and compassion for actors. He has been invaluable in my current transition from theater to film".


Samantha Smart ( Dead Envy) (current class member): "With Tom's class, there isn't pressure to sharpen any one particular tool or method, but rather to find what it takes to be open and be vulnerable and learn. It's about the work. It's about craft and rolling up your sleeves and cracking the text open; and when you haven't figured it out you keep trying. It really feels like I recharge my batteries and then I'm ready to go back into the sunlit corners of L.A. and kill it. And it's not a coincidence that since I started working with Tom I have never worked more. Every week I am reminded of how much I love acting. You can't beat that".

Maryann Plunkett (House of Cards): "I have worked with Tom twice on both Fairhaven and OM City. His sets are filled with warmth and great people. He creates an amazing atmosphere for actors to play within the confines of the beautiful worlds he creates. He has an amazing ability to encourage improvisation and at the same time gets actors to deliver his well written scripts. I will work with Tom whenever he asks me again! And if I were in LA I'd get in his class!"