Scene Study Class

When: Tuesdays Noon - 3:00pm. Next session begins May 7th.

Where: Studio/Stage 520 N. Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA. 90004

Cost: Scene study: $200 a month (4 sessions).


On Camera Work Out

When: Fridays Noon - 3:00pm, May 10th, 17th and 24th.

Where: Studio/Stage 520 N. Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA. 90004

Cost: $225

Week 1: On Camera audition technique. You will receive sides the night before and come in and tape sides with a reader. We will simulate actual film/TV audition and analyze afterwards.

Week 2: On set technique. You will be assigned a scene and a scene partner 5 days before taping. We will simulate an on set environment shooting the scenes from several set ups (Master, OTS, etc)

Week 3: We will watch the dailies of the scenes from week 2, breakdown and analyze the work and talk about techniques and what to work on moving forward to help you not only book the job but to sustain a career in the industry.

Private Coaching:

*Private coaching rates available upon request

Special Guest Teachers

Chris Messina (Mindy Project, Newsroom): Chris is an actor director who has collaborated with Tom in both theater and film for years. They were both founding members of the New York theater troupe, All Seasons Theater group. Chris co wrote and executive produced as well as starred in Tom's directorial debut, Fairhaven. Chris' own directorial debut, Alex of Venice starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead is now streaming on Netflix.

Chris is a frequent guest in class. He and Tom have a similar sensibility and a shorthand when working together in the classroom. Chris not only offers practical honest feedback on the work but also smart insightful business advice from his 20 years of success in theater, film and television.

Caitlin FitzGerald (Masters of Sex): Caitlin stars in Tom's second feature, Manhattan Romance, along with Katherine Waterston, Gaby Hoffmann and Tom. She is best known for her portrayal of Libby Masters in the hit Showtime series, Masters of Sex. As well as playing Meryl Streep's daughter in, It's Complicated, and the Edward Burns film, Newlyweds. 

Caitlin is a frequent guest in class. She not only brings her keen eye to the scene work but also runs the warm up when she comes. She utilizes movement and exercises inspired by several of her longtime acting teachers including one of Tom's teacher's, Kim Gillingham.